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ADA Certification

Our ADA Teacher Training Program is suitable for students wishing to gain ADA (Australasian Dance Association) professional teaching qualifications in Tap and Jazz.  Pre Elementary level deals with the ADA Grade Syllabus covering Pre-Primary to Grade 2 and results in being a qualified professional teacher with ADA and the ability to enter students for ADA examinations up to this level.

dance teacher training program

This program provides dance students interested in beginning the pathway to becoming a teacher with an opportunity to enhance their knowledge, skills and expertise through assistant dance teaching in a variety of classes and will give the tools to stand in the classroom with confidence and the know how to be the best teacher they can be.

Students will learn to teach with confidence and knowledge, learn of the importance of a holistic approach to teaching, as well as how to identify, manage and support every student in the class. Child safety & protection will also be covered, and also the art of lesson planning and class structure.

To take up a position in the Goodhew Teacher Training Program students will need enrol in and attend one teachers class a week beginning at the Pre Elementary Level. (This class is not included in the Goodhew Unlimited package). Students participating then have the opportunity to complete their dance Teacher Certification via examination through the ADA.

The Dance Apprentice

The Dance Apprentice teacher training program provides future teachers with the instrumental tools and knowledge at a professional level that will have them ready for success in the classroom. The following modules are what compiles the course:

  • Teacher Roles and Responsibilities including OHS and policies and procedures
  • Teaching Dance Safely
  • Creating a safe and inclusive classroom environment 
  • Implementing effective teaching strategies
  • Lesson Structure and planning
  • How to Choreograph Successfully
  • Building Studio Culture
  • Practical assistant teaching

At the conclusion of the course, you will be pro-active, independent and professional in the classrooms while inspiring and motivating students each week. You will receive a certificate once you have completed this course successfully.

Students are invited to start take this course from Year 9/10

The Dance Apprentice Course will be delivered via Goodhew Dance teachers and students will login to THE DANCE APPRENTICE portal to complete learning activities and assignments.