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Students from years 7 to 12 thrive at Goodhew Dance. We welcome recreational students, those seeking to learn at a more advanced level and even beginners because it’s never too late to start dancing!

While still fostering a warm and encouraging environment, we encourage students to push their boundaries, build their technique and really see what they are capable of. Our calendar includes performance and exam opportunities for those who want to get on stage.

Don’t forget to ask us about the Active Kids and Creative Kids vouchers when you enrol.

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Jazz (ADA)

Experience the energy of jazz!

Jazz dance is a style of theatrical dance performed to popular music. We teach our jazz students the ADA syllabus, which is based on the technical dance principles. Jazz classes will help students to improve their technique, body strength and flexibility.

The ADA Jazz syllabus is a comprehensive one and also includes styles such as musical theatre, hip hop, lyrical and contemporary. Students will study each grade level for approximately 12-18 months to work towards completing their exam. Exams are optional.

Open Jazz Technique

Had enough of Jazz exam classes and ready for a workout?

A fun and fast commercial jazz dance class.  You will learn jazz technique, combinations and routines inspired by what you see in clips from Beyonce and Bruno Mars and movies such as Step Up and Honey

This wonderful weekly workout will keep you fit and flexible and is great for ex dancers too – those with experience can challenge themselves by focusing on technique and style and the novice dancer can still enjoy the grooves and moves but with less detail.

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Tap (ADA)

Get your toes tapping!

Made popular during the 20th Century, this appealing dance style still has its place in the modern world. Learning tap dancing is ideal for teens who just love to dance and perform.

Mastering this style of dance can help with coordination, rhythm, musicality and agility. Classes are designed to suit high schoolers and are always enjoyable!

Tap Masterclass

 This innovative and open tap class is inspired by shows like “Tap Dogs” and “Stomp”.  Students will need to have a strong foundation of tap technique (great for ex dancers) and will learn funky and fresh combinations and routines to a variety of music styles as well as experience tap battles and improvisation. This class will enhance tap technique and build performance quality.

Ask about our casual rates for 18+

Classical Ballet

Ballet is an artistic dance form incorporating set steps and movements danced very gracefully.

Students learn the Cecchetti method to develop their strength and technique according to ballet principles. Studying ballet will help students to improve their musicality and presentation in all dance styles, as well as their overall posture, coordination and discipline.

We encourage all students to take at least one ballet class per week to improve posture and technique required for other styles, and two classes per week once the grade one level is passed in order to be eligible to take exams.

Ballet Conditioning

A weekly ballet conditioning class will help students build strength and flexibility, train muscle memory, emphasize correct body alignment, weight placement and core stability.  It is a great supplement for any dance class and although it’s a strenuous workout, students will see improvements both immediately and long term.


Contemporary dance is a performance style fusing classical ballet, modern and jazz principles. It emphasises contraction and release, fall and recovery, floor work and improvisation.

Students learn simple exercises and combinations to improve on basic contemporary principles and work on learning choreography related to particular themes or music. Students are encouraged to take contemporary classes because it helps develop an understanding of music as well as improve coordination, muscle strength and flexibility.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a style of street dance incorporating a variety of popping, locking and breaking. Our Hip Hop classes allow the students to explore their own hip-hop style to popular music, keeping the students engaged and working together.

Hip-hop dance is a great tool to develop improvisation and choreographing skills, and also to experience audition style choreography.


Acrobatics is an art of dance incorporating balance, agility and motor coordination. In this class, students will learn basic gymnastic floor work and tumbling for stage performance.

Teachers at Goodhew Dance hold qualifications with Acrobatic Arts.

Emphasis is placed on strengthening and improving flexibility, both very important principles for all styles of dance. The class is based on the Acrobatic Arts syllabus, with students learning tricks including forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, handstands, walkovers, handsprings, backflips and somersaults and more in a safe environment.

Private Dance Lessons

Learn one-on-one

Students who want extra preparation for an exam, competition or performance can study one-on-one with our teachers.

Talk to us about booking these private dance lessons in Alexandria on a one-off or ongoing basis.


Whether your goal is to reach the world stage or simply build new skills, we have a class for you. Get started with a FREE week of lessons.


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